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Implant Care & Maintenance


Dental Implant Care
Implants are similar to natural teeth in that they need to be brushed, flossed and even cleaned at your regular hygiene visits to stay healthy. While implants do not get cavities, they can develop periodontal disease from lack of proper oral hygiene.

Our goal at Smile Builder Dental is to set your implant up for success and provide you with the right tools and techniques to clean them.

A recommended daily routine consists of brushing and flossing, with possibly an oral rinse as well. There are many products that can be used to rinse, such Listerine, Crest ProHealth, Oracare, among others.

Proxybrushes can be used to clean in between difficult contacts. Super-floss and floss threaders will allow you to clean under an implant bridge. An additional tool we often recommend is a Waterpik, which can be a very useful way to irrigate area of food entrapment or difficult to reach areas.

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